The artist JPW3 (J. Patrick Walsh) has described his materials — wax, tuning forks, car engines, doorways, popcorn —as “an excess of fuel,” which he directs toward his various experiments in painting, installation, performance and holography. Now, in a show called “Figure Ascending a Return,” which opened Aug. 17 at Martos Gallery’s new Elizabeth Street location, he has created another version of his Serena Williams hologram, “Serena Hologram xl, 2017.”

A former skateboarder born in 1981 in Tallahassee, Fla., JPW3 lives in Los Angeles, where a 2014 article in KCET Artbound online described his studio as “a calamitous auto repair shop run by a surrealist philosopher.” The new exhibition includes a wall of ribbons and a two-sided projection screen accompanied by Chedda da Connect’s 2015 song “Flicka Da Wrist.”

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